The Canopy


The trees in this layer may be as high as 100 feet. They form a green roof over the forest below. This roof is like an umbrella or canopy. The canopy is the busiest part of the rainforest. The leaves, flowers and fruit that grow there provide food for monkeys, birds, insects and other animals.

The canopy protects the ground from the sun and light rain. Very heavy rains will get to the ground. Some animals up there never go to the forest floor. Many butterflies, such as the tawny rajah, live in the canopy.
tawny rajah
Many of the leaves on the plants in the canopy are pointed, so that the rain can run off the tips of the leaves. These drip tips keep the leaves dry and free of mold.
drip tips
It is very hard for scientists to study the rainforest canopy, because it's so hard to reach. So they build walkways up in the trees so that they can just walk around up there.





Animals of the Rainforest Canopy
Cock of the Rock
Crested Oropendola
Golden Lion
Howler Monkey
Pygmy Marmoset
Scarlet-thighed Dacnis
Woolley Monkey
Gebauer Link